The British Gold Panning Association (BGA) is the only dedicated member association in the UK that covers all aspects of the Gold Panning Hobby.

Our aim is to promote this unique hobby in the UK, whether its recreational or competition panning.

Each year we host a number of gatherings for members and non members, giving people the opportunity to meet up and discuss all things Gold.

Annually, we host the UK’s only Gold Panning Competition in Wanlockhead, Scotland. A great weekend to come and test your panning skills and compete against other enthusiasts in the hobby. Don’t worry if you have never picked up a Gold Pan before, there are plenty of experienced panners there to help.

In July, we hold our annual BBQ weekend in the heart of the Welsh Gold Mining District, Dolgellau. This is a nice relaxing weekend for all and a chance to explore a historic Mining area.

Around the end of September and the start of October, we host our final weekend meeting of the year at the Strathfillan Wigwams Campsite, Tyndrum, Scotland. An opportunity to catch up and discuss things ready for the new year, with a little panning at the river too. Guest speakers are also invited to talk on the Saturday evening.

The BGA is recognised by the World Gold-panning Association (WGA) and each year, we send delegates to sit on the board of representatives at the WGA AGM. This takes place during the World Championships in whichever country is hosting the event.

With Gold Panning growing within the UK, the BGA is taking steps to work with the Authorities, to ensure this hobby is enjoyed by all and not taken away from us.

With the current President, James Linnett, becoming the first person in the UK to become World Champion at the 2019 World Championships, Tankavaara, Finland, we are hoping this will inspire more to get involved in the hobby and support the association.

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